Monday, January 7, 2008

More privatisation of the NHS by Brown

In response to Gordon Bush/Blair/Brown's announcement on the future of health care, this went out from the Green Party yesterday:

The Green Party have today hit out at Gordon Brown's plans for the
expansion of preventative medicine, accusing the Government of
creating a smoke screen for more stealth NHS privatisation and further
opening up NHS funds for private profit.

Green Party Member of the European Parliament, Jean Lambert, said:

"Brown's announcement that his Government intends to shift the focus
of the NHS towards preventative medicine would be warmly welcomed if
we thought that this was more than him just trying to shift the public
focus away from his agenda of rampant privatisation.

"Gordon Brown doesn't even seem to understand what prevention is. He
is suggesting that screening is preventative; it is not, of course. It
simply picks up an illness earlier. Better personal and public health
is the key to prevention of illness, not early detection. If Brown
was sincerely committed to disease prevention he would be rejecting
new nuclear power builds, coal-fired power stations and Heathrow
airport expansion to avoid the potential ill-health effects of the
resulting pollution.

"Brown is overseeing a radical privatisation of NHS services that
Thatcher could only dream of. The announcement of these screening
initiatives must not divert attention from his plans to boost
corporate profits at the expense of our health service."

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