Thursday, January 3, 2008

Conservatives - the party of the NHS

This is from the Tory party, the party that wants to make itself the party of the NHS. I could have sworn that this was New Labour policy...

"David Cameron yesterday pledged to dock payments to NHS trusts for every patient who is infected with MRSA or other hospital-acquired superbugs." Guardian 3rd Dec

I sent a response to the Guardian:


The Conservatives want to be the party of the NHS yet they seem to backing the most bizarre of recent health care ideas. Taking money away from hospitals that need it to improve infection control is the most counter-productive measure possible and will endanger the lives of thousands.

If Cameron's health ideas are that strapped for cash, a better idea would be to fine or prosecute the drug companies whose products cause in excess of 3000 deaths each year while making huge profits.

Stuart Jeffery
Health Spokesperson for the Green Party

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