Thursday, January 17, 2008

Green light for hybrid research

This is quite revolting and should not have happened. We screw around with nature like this at our peril. I find it hard to believe that the public were fine with this idea - we only have to think about the public reaction to GM food. Also killing off the embryos after 14 days, not that they would be viable, but really - the whole area is simply macabre.

Hybrids are made using an animal egg mixed with human genes
This is from the BBC:

Regulators have given scientists the green light to create human-animal embryos for research.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority granted permission after a consultation showed the public were "at ease" with the idea.


Scientists want to create hybrid embryos by merging human cells with animal eggs in a bid to extract stem cells. The embryos would then be destroyed within 14 days.

The cells form the basic building blocks of the body and have the potential to become any tissue, making them essential for research.

It is already illegal to implant human-animal embryos in the womb or bring them to term.

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