Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bighealth - the corporate invasion of the NHS

The take over of GP surgeries by bighealth continues to anger people. This is from the Evening Standard, usually noted for its right wing opinions - yet discussing the opposition to corporatisation of health care.

"The deal with United Health Europe opens the way to the privatisation of family doctors' practices. It comes after a government push to put primary care into corporate hands.

"Doctors have warned that patients could suffer as conglomerates offer "cut-price deals" to win contracts. Health trusts are already under pressure to keep costs down after two years of tackling debt."

Of course the debt argument is no longer valid with the NHS heading for a £1.8 billion underspend at the last estimate. Remember this is £1.8 billion that should have been spent on patient care...

More here from the Camden New Journal. It is bizarre, but welcome, that the Tories and LibDems are fighting this as they are both supportive of bighealth. No hint of nimbyist politicking there!

On a similar vein, this piece (again from the Evening Standard - not a paper that I read very often really!!!) shows one of the real problems with corporatisation - this time the take over of the UK by TESCOs and its effect on the economics and lives of local people.

These takeovers must be fought. We have to reverse the bland and destructive forces of these corporations that benefit shareholders not local people.