Friday, November 16, 2007

Tescopoly to take over GP services

This is from : Pulse "GP practices are to be forcibly converted into franchises and offered up to high-street retailers to run under ambitious plans welcomed by senior NHS managers as a blueprint for the future."

Fortunately, there has been a small U turn for other areas being privatised: "The government is rowing back on its use of the private sector for NHS care by scrapping a series of projects. Six clinics in the pipeline and another already up-and-running will fold at a cost of millions of pounds as they do not provide good value, ministers said." from the BBC.

What is clear is there is a complete lack of strategy. Alan Johnson seems to be trying to quieten the noise, from those opposed to privatisation while trying to get some new corporate friends on board. The thought of Tescos running GP surgeries is obscene. Tescos will have have same effect on primary care as it has had on small independent shops - devastating.


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