Monday, November 12, 2007

Chan Wheeler - fraud allegation

I don't read The Mail much, but this caught my eye: NHS boss 'benefited from Sting-lie fraud' in US role.

"A highly paid American recruited to commercialise the NHS is facing allegations that he benefited from fraud during his previous job with a US health insurance giant.

"A US judge likened the allegations against NHS Commercial Director Chan Wheeler to the plot of the film The Sting, in which two conmen win huge sums betting on horse races after the results are known.

"The judge said Mr Wheeler and his co-directors in UnitedHealth were accused of doing the same by awarding themselves millions of dollars worth of shares in the firm deliberately dated to a time when the US stock market was at an all-time low after the September 11 attacks in 2001."

More United Health problems again, this time with one of their executives entering the NHS to extract more taxerpayer's money to turn into shareholder profits. I have blogged before on Simon Stevens and won't go on about him again, but do remember him as the Downing St advisor on health who now heads up United Health Europe...


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