Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Health and the War Machine

This is an email from Joseph Healy, point out succintly what I'm sure many of us are very aware of. We are still spending less than our neighbours on health care (as a proportion of GDP) and yet we put phenomenal amounts into 'defence'. When was the last time we we invaded or attacked? Probably when Labour started selling off the NHS and let the private sector in...


This article is very much in line with what I have been saying as a prospective Euro candidate in London. For anyone who does not see the link between foreign policy and the backward health and social care, not to mention transport modernisation etc, the writing is on the wall.


Defence spending should be cut to the bone and the frummery of Empire, such as Trident etc, axed. The imperial posturing will cost the deaths of many pensioners, patients etc. When a local Labour councillor tried to get a campaign going on extending the tube system to Camberwell, I supported
him in the letters page of the local paper, but suggested that he got Gordon Brown, then the Chancellor, to divert some of the Iraq millions into the scheme.

Why have Germany, France, Italy and most continental countries got better health services? Answers on a postcard to the Ministry of Defence.

Joseph Healy

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