Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Public health directors

Ruth Hussey's article for the Health Service Journal this week talks about the forthcomming appointments of Directors of Public Health by PCTs and how they are likely to be joint appointments with local authorities. This is a great step... I have be banging on about how public health is far more in tune with local government agenda than that of health care.

Ruth Hussey talks about the lifestyle issues of obesity and alcohol. These are clearly key issues that need addressing and governments local and national are better placed to do this than the NHS in its current form. It must be remembered, however, that a model of primary care that is close to its patients and understands them, can be very useful in reducing health problems.

When looking at health and health behaviours as a whole, encouraging kids to walk to school, people to walk and cycle to work, the eating of real food and reducing the stress in day to day life through a good work / life balance, and reducing the poverty gap will do far more good than hospital staff telling people to lose weight!


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