Thursday, November 23, 2006

Health Tescopolism

"It’s like your local newsagents being taken over by Tesco" - John Lister in the Camden New Journal. GP surgeries have been predominantly run as small businesses by GP in the NHS, they are paid by the NHS, but are tecnically contractors, not employees. This is far from ideal, but is a result of the deals struck during the creation of the NHS and politicians have not had the will to change it.

The independent contractor status of GPs sadly leaves the door wide open for the private sector to take over surgeries, as is happening in Camden at the moment - as well as in most places across the country. The march of supermarkets on our village stores and corner shops has come to health care.

Clearly not wanted, needed or necessary, big private corporations are driven primarily by profit not by public duty and yet the Labour government is bringing them in faster than it is imaginable.


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