Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Your brain needs vacations

Up until the 1960's everyone worked most Saturdays -- 6 days a week, Sunday's off was the norm. Vacations were 2 weeks per year, usually in the summer and they were always a drive away. However, you always got off at 5pm, left your work at work, and a "commute" was NOT the norm., and your lovely wife had the house and kids in tiptop shape. Both weeknights and weekends were about getting together with the neighbors/friends, going to town events, picnics and kid functions. We never felt like we had to "get away" as much. With today's high inflation, both parents working, commutes, and hectic schedules -- I'd wan't a vacation too, and not necessarily from work.


  1. such a bore of a life before the 1960s. If you like the repetitive, mundane schedule good for you. I want to travel around the world, immerse in other cultures, open my eyes to the world. Mind you, I am first generation American and have traveled to two other continents. But there is always much...

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