Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tory health plans

If you're in to horror movies then the Conservative Draft Health Manisfesto should be right up your street.

Particular snippets include:
  • Less assesment of the cost - benefits of treatments (they attack "unaccountable bureaucrats in NICE" which begs the question, how exactly are they going to assess the benefits of treatments?)
  • But it's OK, there is going to be less policical intervention in the NHS. Hmm... isn't that more "unaccountable bureaucrats"?
  • They plan to create an independent board for the NHS. Independent as in "unaccountable bureaucrats", I assume.
  • They are going to scrap politically motivated targets. Isn't that like saying they won't do what the public want? Quick results in A&E etc.???
  • More privatisation and competition of course, how else will Tory share portfolios increase?
Does anyone actually remember the NHS under the Tories???

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