Wednesday, August 12, 2009

US attacks the NHS

The debate about changes to the US health care has kicked off in a big way. They aren't even bothering with lies or statistics, they have gone straight to the damn lies. The US media seem to be on a bit of a roll, even claiming that Stephen Hawking wouldn't get any care if he lived in England. I know the US media seem to think the outside world doesn't exist, but I think Mr Hawking might be this side of the pond.

This piece in the Guardian should be read for the comments as well as the article. One of the best comments is from yogibear: "It's an interesting feeling to be on the receiving end of such misinformation.".

However, Obama and British government do seem to be sitting on their hands in the face of the Republican lies. They need to show some backbone and expose them.

How can any sane person be happy with the most expensive healthcare system in the world, consuming around 15% of their GDP and that still does not provide care for 40 million Americans?

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