Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tory pests

Yesterday's press release by the Conservatives that there have been 20,000 infestations in the NHS is a poor piece of spin. They do not suggest what level of infestation is acceptable or whether rates are rising or falling. Of course it would be interesting to repeat the exercise when / if the Tories are ever in government! The Times sees straight through it suggesting a complete lack of context and says that the results 'do not appear remarkable' - you have to question the editorial decision to publish unremarkable news in a national daily paper...

What is remarkable is that the Tories were responsible for outsourcing cleaning in the 1980's and cannot be trusted with the NHS, despite their rhetoric.

Of course hospitals will have infestations of various insects - they are on a planet that is crawling with insects. How Andrew Lansley can expect them to be pest free.

The funniest comment was posted on The Times's website in response to their article: "...not to mention the IT consultants, who have a voracious appetite, multiply like mad, eat through the budget and leave a trail of wreckage. (Frank Upton, Solihull)".

Also - sorry for not blogging for a while!

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