Monday, June 16, 2008

How David Cameron can't deliver for the NHS

This is from the Torygraph today: How David Cameron can deliver for the NHS.

Toryboy describes how his party will:
  • increase spending on the NHS
  • to stop it being a political football, by creating an independent NHS board
  • anyone - a company, charity or NHS hospital - who can supply a service at the tariff set by the new NHS board should be free to supply it
Apparently: "The Conservatives can now afford to be radical on the NHS because the charge that they want to dismantle it just won't stick - all they are doing is following through Blair's revolution."

To take the last point first... how is radical simply following the current direction??? How can the Torygraph claim they won't dismantle the NHS when they are following Labour's policy of dismantling the NHS?

I'm sure spending on the NHS will increase, not matter which party is in government. The population is aging, inflation is rising. I doubt the Tories will increase spending in real terms - I'm sure that will decrease. Labour claim to have tripled spending on the NHS in the past 10 years, but it really just amounts to a 40% increase in real terms (not that I'm knocking that!).

The Tories are also backing Brown when it comes to independence for the NHS. For independence, read unaccountable. We need more accountability, not less! We need an NHS accountable to local people through local government.

Cameron's final policy is the continuation of Labour's market in healthcare providers.

These are the same policies as New Labour's. Now that's radical...

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