Friday, May 30, 2008

Chan Wheeler Extradited?

Probably not.. but news that Chan Wheeler has resigned have apparently thrown into question the future of his 'Commercial Directorate' - hurrah!

The government were paying him around £200k a year plus accommodation just to help privatise the NHS despite the fraud enquiry about his dealings in the US.

Well he has left for 'personal reasons'. It would be very remiss of anyone to speculate what those personal reasons might be, but would extradition for fraud count as a personal reason?

Whatever his reasons for leaving may be, the country needs to sell off the NHS to the highest bidder as much as it needs to start illegal wars in the middle east that kill 650,000 people; or build nuclear power stations to ensure future generations really suffer; or to build more airports, roads and to drill for more oil so that the climate is truly buggered.

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