Thursday, July 5, 2007

Health Care and Peak Oil - comparison with the 2000 fuel protest

From Paul Roth's Blog on Peak Oil and the effect that it will have on health care: "The ability of a short-term fuel disruption to cause a health-care crisis was demonstrated in the United Kingdom in September of the year 2000."

This piece is in two parts, the second is available here. Paul talks about the need for fuel shortage plans, similar to the Energy Decent Action Plans being worked up by the Transition Towns Groups.

"In contrast, peak oil will not only limit oil-based transportation, but it will disrupt the manufacture of everything containing petrochemicals (ie all plastic, synthetic clothing, kitchen appliances, computers). They will not be sitting in warehouses waiting for normality to resume. They will not be there in the first place. So energy descent will not present a transportation challenge. Secondly, the crisis ended in just over a week, allowing things to get back to normal quickly. Peak oil will be permanent, and there will be no quick fix."

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