Saturday, May 26, 2007

Care costs

From the Torygraph: "Hundreds of thousands of elderly people are facing massive increases in the amount they pay for basic services such as washing and dressing which allow them to live independently in their own homes."

Caring for people is expensive and there is a disgusting lack of investment in it. I suspect the Torygraph would lambast any move to put more money into social and health care, so where does that leave the poor?

Financial pressures are blamed for these increases, but would the Telegraph back rises in taxes - I think not . Would they claim that millions are waste - I think so. Care has to be paid for, the poor can't afford to pay, so it comes down to the richer people to pay - which seems the only fair (and viable) option.

Of course millions are wasted though... however millions are wasted because of the marketisation of social care - driven in by the Tories.


N.B. I take the line that it is important to read papers and journals that you have fundamental and ideological problems with, after all we need to know what they are saying.

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