Thursday, February 1, 2007

Hillingdon PCT is sold off

It had to happen sooner or later. Hewitt has promised it and now Hillingdon PCT is delivering.

Anthony Sumara, Hillingdon PCT's interim chief executive is putting a proposal to the Trust's board that most of the PCT's function is sold off to the private sector, including control of the £258 million budget.

From the FT: "The move, which is likely to provoke bitter opposition from the health service unions, would see the private sector taking over not just the provision of community services but the assessment, planning, contracting, procurement and performance management of £258m a year's worth of health care for its local population."

The PCT will remain accountable for its spending (and over spending) though... In management school, I was taught that accountability should go hand in hand with responsibility. Clearly I was taught badly.

This move will hand the purchase and planning function to a private company that has shareholder's interests as its top priority. The company will be accountable to these shareholders, not the public and patients in Hillingdon. Is this what we want?


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